Saturday, 22 November 2014

Why Property Investment in Delhi is a Good Option

Will property prices in India fall? This is one question every one has been asking, as its answer will eventually decide whether you will be investing in the property in India now or you will rather wait for the property prices to fall. 

 According to the Investment Gurus and real estate experts -there is a definite boom in the property market in India and that's why many people are going for investment in the property in India. According to market experts, Indian property market has got a tremendous potential and it will surely ride high in the coming years.- 

 Favorable property market and real estate boom has made property investment in India look safe. This is also proved by the fact that Indian Government has liberalized its foreign direct policy to attract higher foreign investment. A recent survey has revealed that, India stands on the fourth position among the top four Asian destinations for foreign direct investment. 

 After reading all this, you must be thinking about where in India do you actually invest to have maximum returns. Though all the major Indian cities have seen an appreciation in the property prices, but New Delhi, the capital of India has experienced the maximum rise in property prices. Property prices in and around New Delhi have increased by up to 5 times within a few years. It's not that the property prices in New Delhi have suddenly seen a rise. Prices of property whether it be residential, commercial or industrial have been rising in New Delhi over the last few years. 

 And the reason behind this steady rise in property prices is the fact that being the capital of world's largest democracy, Delhi has always attracted people from all walks of life. And with Delhi being the host of Commonwealth Games to be held in 2010, considerable investments are being made by the public sector to improve the overall infrastructure. 

 The government's positive attitude, transparent property laws and the great demand for housing and commercial establishments are attracting more people for making property investment than any other city in the region. The returns on the investment on the capital value of the property are among the highest in the world, approximately 10 to 15%! And with the industry expanding at 30% annually, who would want to miss the opportunity? 

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